muslin cotton swaddles
by virginia kate

VK Muslin Swaddle Blankets: Organic Cotton Swaddles, Unisex, 3-pk, Newborn Baby

One simple solution to help your infant sleep peacefully
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Create a comfortable environment for your infant by swaddling them in our delightfully soft muslin cotton blanket designed specifically to help them discover a lasting peaceful sleep. As any mother can attest, the time between feedings is precious. The faster you can lull your baby to sleep, the faster you can try and sleep yourself. Relax and turn your worry mode off as our blankets are proven to help your baby sleep comfortably.

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SAFETY is our #1 Priority

Our swaddle blankets are made with the perfect balance of quality materials and care to ensure that our breathable muslin cotton will help prevent your child from overheating and provide a peaceful night’s sleep. As parents, we have enough to worry about but rest assured these blankets are specifically designed with your infants safety in mind. Virginia Kate Swaddles are a lifesaver when it comes to the sleep that you desperately need.

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Our versatile blanket grows with your child: Not only do our swaddles get softer every time you wash them, they are extremely versatile. Save money on buying additional baby accessories and use our large blankets as a nursing cover, a changing pad cover, picnic blanket, tummy time blanket, stroller cover, security blanket, and anything your baby can dream of. As your child grows older they will continue to find a use for our blankets, making them a favorite in your home.

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Healthy Baby Happy Mom

When you buy our best selling 100% muslin cotton swaddle blankets for yourself, as a shower gift, or just adding it to your baby registry, you are investing in a good nights sleep for you and your infant. Easy to use, delicate on your babies skin, and breathable fabric will make this a worry free purchase. Buy our swaddles today and get some peaceful sleep tonight.

Virginia Kate Swaddles
Virginia Kate Swaddles
Virginia Kate Swaddles
Virginia Kate Swaddles
Virginia Kate Swaddles
Virginia Kate Swaddles


The Baby. The Company. The Experience
This is Virginia's first lemonade stand!

Virginia Kate (the brand) is born from the idea of fostering confidence, self reliance, and values that will promote a higher sense of self worth in young women. We created VK for our daughter Virginia Kate (the baby) as her first “lemonade stand”. As she grows so will the products and we only manufacture quality products that are essential to her development and comfort.

Every product we offer is something that Virginia loves and we view everyone that supports her efforts as part of our extended family. Not only will we strive for incredible customer service but we will NEVER offer a product to your family if it hasn’t been throughly tested and approved by ours.

We hope you will keep in touch and share your experiences with us. Thank you for your support of our daughter. It takes a village to raise a child and we are so appreciative of the love and support “our village” shown us.

Virginia Kate

The Secret Sauce

Virginia Kate

Chief Baby Officer
hi. dada. momma. duck. giggle. laugh. more. food. ma. ouside. bye bye. (The only words she knows right now. You can’t see it but she is blowing you a kiss too.)

William Rutledge

Assistant to the CBO
I think my official title is head lackey. I do everything Virginia tells me. I make her milk bottle, change the dirty diapers and help make sure every customer has a wonderful experience with our company.

Dr. Hannah Rutledge

Head Mommy in Charge
“Head of Clinical Information at Emory University. Stellar Mom and wife. Hannah is the sun in which Virginia and I revolve around.” ~ William.

The Village

Everyone that helps raise our daughter
We are fortunate to have so many lovely people that are involved in raising our daughter with values that will make her a strong, smart, caring and beautiful person. Thank you for supporting us.

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